After graduating Parsons School of Design in 2000, Steve has been working professionally in a number of mediums. His dedication to the graphic arts as well as a love affair with photography keeps him busy both at work and in his numerous side projects. Steve also enjoys his time creating fine art assemblages in a self-described “neo-dada” style. With inspiration from the likes of Rauschenberg, Johns and Cornell, as well as the modern street artists that reflect the culture around him, he allows the surrounding environment to inform his aesthetic choices. Steve creates his artworks over extended periods of time, allowing the natural degradation and the happenstance of found objects to inform him on his next move. Based in New York City, Steve has a fondness for travel and foreign cultures, but has a deep appreciation for the lightning rod that is the city that never sleeps. Contact him:

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My site is based in the UK and I’m currently putting together a compilation piece of the best comedy posters from the US.

Can I use some of the images on this site. You get credited obviously, and links to your site.

It’s a non for profit site on how to produce a show at the Edinburgh fringe. The compilation pieces are just demonstrating good marketing materials.

In any case really enjoyed looking at your stuff.

Comment by Ian Fox

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